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La figlia di Iorio

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Cartoline di Germania illustrate da Leopoldo Metlicovitz, pubblicate da Ricordi per la prima esecuzione dell'opera


In Abruzzo, Lazaro di Roio’s son Aligi is due to marry Vienda di Giave, but a premonitory dream leaves him feeling unsettled. Among the guests at the wedding is a prostitute named Mila di Codro, who is the daughter of the sorcerer Jorio. She asks for protection from some reapers who want to ravish her. In the chaotic scenes that follow, Lazaro is injured. Aligi falls in love with Mila and goes to live with her in a cave. Aligi’s sister Ornella arrives and begs her brother to come home. Mila is prepared to let him go. Now Lazaro wants to assault Mila and Aligi defends her. However, Lazaro ties up his son and has him taken away by two peasants. Ornella sets Aligi free and he returns just as Lazaro is about to assault Mila. Aligi kills his father. Aligi is sentenced to be tortured brutally. As his punishment is about to begin, Mila claims all responsibility and states that she used her skills to make Aligi believe he had committed the crime but actually all of the guilt lies with her. With his senses dulled by a sleeping draught, Aligi believes her and curses her. The crowd now calls for him to be set free and for Mila to be burned at the stake. She moves towards the flames with her mind at ease because she knows that she has saved the one she loves. Ornella realizes exactly what has happened, is moved to tears and kisses Mila’s feet as she climbs towards the stake.

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