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Why join?

Associazione per il musicista Alberto Franchetti APS


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30,00 euro


Cartoline di Germania illustrate da Leopoldo Metlicovitz, pubblicate da Ricordi per la prima esecuzione dell'opera

The Alberto Franchetti Association is open to all those who are passionate about Mittel-European musical culture in the period from the Unification of Italy to the First and Second World Wars, which saw huge changes in aesthetic, cultural and historical paradigms.

Alberto Franchetti was a multi-faceted, extremely varied figure who has largely been overlooked by critics in Italy and across the globe, but he provides an opportunity to take an in-depth look at the cultural climate in question from a number of points of view. For example, it is fascinating to: study Franchetti’s legacy (not just in musical terms) in Reggio Emilia and Italy as a whole; reconstruct the fin de siècle musical context in Europe and his relationships with his fellow Italian composers from that era; and examine the international ties (which reached as far as the Americas) of a composer who grew up in the most important cultural and musical circles of the time.

The Association promotes cultural discussions and plans activities to raise awareness of Alberto Franchetti and the musical world around him. For more information, see our By-laws and Constitution.

Benefits, deals and discounts

As soon as you have paid your membership fee, you will have access to the original Franchetti scores and arrangements in our archives, to which we have recently added numerous old arrangements for ensembles of plucked string instruments, piano and violin/flute, piano four hands, band instruments, and vocal chamber music.

As well as offering members a chance to actively engage in cultural activities, the Association represents them on the music scenes in Reggio Emilia and throughout Italy, which brings a number of benefits. For example, since 2015 special deals have been provided for members by a number of top Italian names in the music world, including long-established music shops in Reggio Emilia and LIM (Libreria Musicale Italiana), which is the publishing company behind Alberto Franchetti (1860-1942): l’uomo, il compositore, l’artista (“Alberto Franchetti (1860-1942): the man, the composer, the artist”).

Members get 10% off all sheet music and books about music
Members get 10% off all CDs and DVDs
Members get 10% off all items in the shop that are not already included in other offers
Members get a special discount on the Alberto Franchetti book mentioned above and other publications about music

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