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Cartoline di Germania illustrate da Leopoldo Metlicovitz, pubblicate da Ricordi per la prima esecuzione dell'opera

Leggenda in quattro atti
di Ferdinando Fontana

Prima rappresentazione: Reggio Emilia, Teatro Municipale, 11 Febbraio 1888

Asrael (frontespizio dello spartito, ed. Ricordi)
Asrael (frontespizio dello spartito, ed. Ricordi)


Asrael tenore
Nefta (Suor Clotilde) soprano
Loretta mezzo-soprano
Lidoria di Brabante contralto
Il Re di Brabante – Lucifero basso
Un contadino basso
Un araldo basso

Danze nell’atto I (composte da Carlo Coppi)

Cori di
Demoni – Anime di dannati – Angeli – Cherubini – Serafini
Santi – Vergini – Martiri – Patriarchi – Pescatori-gitani – Vassalli di Brabante
Cavalieri – Damigelle – Contadini e Contadine – Suore – Soldati


Vai alla scheda dell’opera sul database Corago

Asrael (libretto, ed. Ricordi)

Vai alle scansioni del libretto:
[Reggio-Emilia], [Stab. Tip. Lit. Degli Artigianelli], 1887

Milano, G. Ricordi & C., [1888]

versione in tedesco a cura di H. Wittmann
Milano : R. Stabilimento Tito di Gio. Ricordi e Francesco Lucca, [1890]


Asrael (frontespizio dello spartito, ed. Ricordi)

Piano score (Milano, Ricordi, 1888)
(IMSLP – Petrucci Music Library)

Manuscript score (1888)
(Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Digitalisierte Sammlungen)

Manuscript score (circa 1889)
(Historisches Aufführungsmaterial der Bayerischen Staatsoper, vol. 1)


Asrael and Nefta were angels in Heaven and lovers. When Lucifer rebelled against God, Asrael fought against him and his followers but was captured by them.

Asrael thought of nothing but Nefta during his captivity. When he asked about her, he was told that God had died and he would now find Nefta in the realm of the rebels.
Asrael believed the lies and went down to Hell, but Nefta was nowhere to be found. He tried to forget his great sorrow by indulging in obscene kissing and God damned him for eternity.

Asrael continued to mourn for the loss of Nefta from his exile in Hell and Nefta wept for Asrael up in Heaven.
A remorseful Asrael gained permission from Lucifer to go to Earth for a year in exchange for a promise to bring back a soul stolen from Heaven. Nefta gained permission from Mary to go down to Earth for a year in exchange for a promise to bring back a soul taken from Hell.

Disguised as Sister Clotilde, Nefta meets Asrael in a wood near Lidoria castle when he is battling against the squires of the king’s daughter. She has ordered them to take him prisoner because he won a wedding ring by holding her dazzling gaze, but then refused it and threw it at her feet.
Both Lidoria di Brabante and Loretta the gypsy are infatuated with Asrael, but he manages to escape from their clutches and find refuge in the convent of Sister Clotilde. There, she warmly and tenderly encourages him to utter the holy words of the “Hail Mary”. When he does so, the backcloth is torn open, the sky appears again and Asrael realizes that Sister Clotilde is his beloved Nefta.
Asrael is forgiven for his sins and they all return to eternal bliss.



The scenery for Asrael

Costume sketches for Asrael


The premiere

The day after the premiere of Asrael, the following article was published in “Interessi Locali” magazine in Bologna:


      • It will be staged in Bonn next season! (I think in November)

      • Thanks a lot Linus! We’d really like to be in Bonn for the concert <3

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